EcoSea Farming SpA and JA Mitsui Leasing Begin Operations in Chile

EcoSea Farming SpA’s (EcoSea) surfaced near shore containment systems for salmon in Chile were acquired by JA Mitsui Leasing (JAML) of Japan. EcoSea manages and maintains the pens previously owned by Innovaciones en Cobre S.A., a consolidated subsidiary of Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (CODELCO), a state-owned copper mining company in Chile.

EcoSea’s CEO, Craig J. Craven, said the acquisition is a step forward in providing our technology to farms around the world and will lead to improved quality of fish, better environmental performance, and more profitable farming operations. EcoSea is pleased to be in cooperation with JAML and look forward to a long-term partnership.

EcoSea is committed to providing environmentally-friendly and sustainable marine aquaculture solutions that help farming operations maximize output and revenue. EcoSea provides offshore submersible systems as well as surfaced near shore containment systems.

EcoSea technology supports farming operations with improved farm production metrics by providing system hardware; copper alloy pens, monitoring equipment, feeding systems, system services; system monitoring for optimal performance, system maintenance for long life, harvest and treatment procedures.

JA Mitsui Leasing’s acquisition of the systems in Chile is the first of many planned leasing arrangements within the country. JAML and EcoSea are cooperating to provide financing and high-performance farming systems around the globe. JAML will expand its leasing business for copper alloy aquaculture systems in the global arena as a financial service partner for EcoSea. EcoSea in collaboration with its business partners, strives to strengthen aquaculture business with its unique products and technical expertise.

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