Maximize fish farming production, reducing costs and increase usable waters


Be the reference technology for clean sustainable fish protein production

EcoSea's proprietary Tech-Platform includes:


Proprietary Materials & Design. High-durability and high-resistance containment systems, IoT enabled, featuring submersible and remote operation.

Production Protocols

Accompanying our clients during production to maximize the benefits of our systems, by improving key metrics such as Density, FCR and Mortality.

In over 13 years we've validated:


12 years of continuing underwater operation in Chile

Submersible Technology

Enabler for high energy & offshore sites

Product Sustainability

On average our technology reduces 155kg of CO2 eq emissions per ton of fish produced

Multi Species

Salmon, Buri (Seriola) and Large Yellow Croaker

Multi Location

Cages installed in 6 different countries and different ocean conditions


Full salmon farming center 100% recycled after 12 years

EcoSea's experience includes:

50+ Systems Installed in Southern Chile

1 Submersible System in Japan

World’s Largest Submersible Pen (40m Diameter)

R&D in Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway and Scotland

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