How we do it
Partnering with local market participants (I.E. local Fish Farmers), and by utilizing our proprietary Tech-Platform we are able to produce fish where it has not been possible before. Bringing fin fish production close to the demand markets safely and sustainably. Harnessing the vast untapped potential of our oceans to bridge the world’s growing food gap.

Submersible Cage Systems
Our Submerible Cage System, is capable of operating under the harshest ocean conditions thanks to its High-durability and high resistance design and materials, which in conbination with IoT enabled submersible and remote operation, make open ocean sustainable aquaculture a reality.

Production protocols
Our Production know how gathered in more than a decade, allow us to maximize the fish production results, by improving key metrics such as Density, FCR and Mortality.


Our experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with sustainable fish production. By using our knowledge and expertise, we’re able to produce fish that is good for you and the planet. Over the years we have accomplished a lot… over 10 million fish farmed with 12 years of continuous underwater operation, 100% recyclability, CO2 footprint reduction validation, zero debris, predator proof, submersed operation, farming of different species (Salmon, Yellowtail, Large Yellow Croaker, etc.) and operations in 4 differenct continents.


Better profitability
We believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, but requires to do things differently. By using innovative and environmentally friendly production practices and technology, we’re able to efficiently produce high-quality, sustainable fish that meets the demands of today’s consumers while supporting local communities and the health of our planet. maximizing production and lower operational costs, while also growing production in a scalable manner, reducing capital expendeture.

Our approach not only benefits the environment, but it also helps our partners and us achieve greater profitability. By promoting social and environmental responsibility, we’re able to build long-lasting relationships that are built on trust, quality, and transparency.

Partner with ecosea and experience the benefits of sustainable fish production that supports the well-being of our planet, communities, and your bottom line.

Lower risks

Our proprietary submersible cage technology ensures safe and sustainable fish production in open ocean environments; maximizing   animal welfare and growth by protecting our production from predators and harsh ocean conditions, resulting in higher quality fish.

Our cages are predator and escape resistant, having been proven to be highly effective against predators and resistant to ripping and escapes. Unlike traditional fish cages, which experience volumetric deformation in the presence of strong currents and waves, our technology maintains structural integrity and cage volume, ensuring the safety of our fish.

Our technology eliminates the need for anti-predator mesh, reducing fouling and cleaning requirements while increasing material strength, lowering maintenance and repair costs and increasing efficiency.